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Felt for schools

If you're considering felt making with your students give us a call and  we can post your fibres before invoicing you. All we require is an order number and an email for billing.


Felting Needles

Needle felting, also known as dry felting, is the use of special barbed needles to tangle wool together. Originally produced for commercial felting machines, these needles are now in common use in 2D and 3D craft felting.

The needles are brittle so to prevent breakages the needle must enter and exit the wool at the same angle. If you wiggle it about, put too much pressure on or change the angle between entry and exit then it will break.

You’ll see the needles come in different sizes (called gauges) and in different shapes. The lower the number e.g. 32 gauge, the coarser the needle and the higher the gauge e.g. 42 gauge, then the finer the needle.

Needles may be used singly in the hand but some people find it more comfortable to use a handle. Using a handle also allows you to use more than one needle at a time. We recommend the use of a high density foam pad to work on as it prevents your needle from breaking against a hard table and protects your table from stab marks!

Our needles

  • 32 Gauge Triangular – The coarsest of our needles and great for starting projects off. These needles have three sides with regular spaced barbs at different points on the needles.
  • 36 Gauge Triangular – A great needle for starting and general shaping of the wool and attaching body parts on 3D animals. These needles have three sides with regular spaced barbs at different points on the needles. If you just want one size of needle this is the one to go for. An excellent beginner's needle.
  • 38 Gauge Star – This has smaller barbs on four edges right at the end of the needle so is great for cleaning up surfaces and adding details like colour and patterns.
  • 40 Gauge Triangular – Good for finer felting or felting with finer fibres like Merino. Having a finer blade it leaves smaller holes in the fibre.
  • 40 Gauge Reverse – also known as an inverted needle. The barbs on this are positioned so that they only pull wool out and don’t tangle it. Used to create furry finishes and special effects like Mohicans, tufted ears, horses’ manes etc .
  • 42 Gauge Spiral – Our finest needle and very good for adding very fine detail e.g. the glint in an eye