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Felt for schools

If you're considering felt making with your students give us a call and  we can post your fibres before invoicing you. All we require is an order number and an email for billing.


WPI Gauge

British breeds WPI Gauge
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Price: £5.00
Quantity Available: 33
Item Code: EQ032

The Wraps Per Inch tool/gauge is easy to use and has a handy hole to allow you to hang it on your wheel.

To gauge the thickness of your yarn you can either: wrap it round the tool in the one inch indentation (not loose, not tight), count the number of wraps and use the information provided to work out the equivalent yarn weight or lay it on the tool and find the best match with one of the engraved lines.

It can also be used whilst spinning to check if you're spinning at a consistent thickness and to work out how thick/thin you need to spin in order to achieve a set yarn size. Determine the number of wraps per inch that you want your finished yarn to be and multiply this by the number of plies you want. The result is the thickness of the single you need to spin which, when plied, will give the desired wpi. As you spin, lay the yarn periodically against the gauge and compare to ensure consistency.